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EABCT2021 Congress

Dear EABCT Representative

Our last email informed you that registration for the EABCT2021 Congress was now open. Before that we also let you know there was just three months before the main Call for Papers was closing. Now there is just two months to submit so please can you let your members know and get them to submit. Attached is a notice that you can use.

We are more optimistic than we were a month ago that delegates will be travelling to Belfast for EABCT2021 in September. There are positive signs across Europe that COVID-19 is coming under enough control to allow congress venues to open again before the summer. All our keynote speakers are committed to attending in person. We appreciate that not everyone will be able to commit themselves to travelling so the congress will be run as a hybrid event which means that delegates have the option to join online and still take advantage of the live programme and over 120 hours of the congress recordings.

We have finalising our programme of Pre-Congress Workshops and Invited Speakers and you can see these on the website We are going to organise a first-class programme and we want this to include important developments taking place across our Europe. If your own Association has a particular area they want to include make sure details are submitted by the 19th April.

The EABCT Board is going to host 3 sessions during the Congress which will look at “future initiatives in training and supervision standards”, “developments in the statutory regulation of CBT and psychotherapy in Europe” and “How CBT supports refugees and asylum seekers in Europe”. The organisation of these sessions has only just begun so if you have any expertise or interest within your Association in these areas please let us know.

Members of the scientific committee for the EACT2021 congress are also running a series of online promotional workshops before the Congress mainly aimed at people in Ireland who we want to come to the congress. We are making these workshops available to all EABCT members and information is attached so please also let your members know that they are welcome to register. The first one on “New Approaches to Trauma and Grief” maybe particularly interesting to your members at this time.

Finally, the Congress in Belfast will mark the end of EABCT’s 50th anniversary year which is another reason why we want as many people to come to Belfast as possible. We missed the celebration in Athens and while we may not be able to guarantee the warmth of the sun in Greece you will certainly be able to feel the warmth of Irish hospitality when you join us in Belfast

We look forward to updating you on the progress of EABCT2021 at the 1GM on 13th March

Kind Regards

The EABCT2021 Organising and Scientific Committees

EABCT 2021 Call for Papers 2 months

The Irish Association of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(V3)